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Why do I need an inventory?

The inventory is essential to resolving disputes that may arise later in the tenancy. Under legislation introduced in 2007, tenants' deposits must be held by a regulated, independent agent. Disputes are resolved through a swift, inexpensive and impartial process. The indenpendent inventory report is a key document in reaching a resolution and is recommended as best practice.

Do I need an inventory for an unfurnished property?

The property itself is the most valuable component described in the inventory, considered room by room in detail. Subsequent evaluation of damage and liability depends on the inventory report. For this reason, both furnished and unfurnished properties require an accurate inventory.

What is the tenant deposit scheme?

From 6 April 2007, all deposits (for rent up to £25,000 per annum) taken by landlords and letting agents for Assured Shorthold Tenancies in England and Wales, must be protected by a tenancy deposit protection scheme. For more information on the scheme visit

An accurate, thoroughly detailed, and unbiased inventory report is now vital to protect both landlords and tenants from future disputes.

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